Acerca da cataplana

Tradition, unmistakable flavour, peculiar shape, three words that characterize this magnificent utensil.

Any recipe cooked in the cataplana is a superb experience that leads us to experience the pinnacle of a truly unique flavour. Its harmonious forms allied to its versatility make the cataplana a very special cookware utensil, unlike any other pan. Being able to dismount, cooking in both parts, serve only with the bottom part, the cataplana is indeed a very practical kitchen tool and easy to use.

Of Portuguese origin, a forerunner of the modern pressure cooker, the cataplana allows cook many kinds of food, giving them all a unique and unmistakable taste, through its hermetic steam cooking.

Traditionally made in copper, thus allows to combine all the advantages of this noble metal use, whose origins and use go back in history thousands of years, and even today it is still undisputed choice of the best cuisine Chefs from around the world.

Another added value of the cataplana is to permit a preparation
of an healthier food, since it reduces calories and fat in its
cooked recipes, and also avoids the loss of food aromas,
ensuring a full and excellent flavour.

Reason enough to elect cataplana as a
symbol of Portuguese culinary tradition.

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